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Slip and Fall

Helping Slip and Fall Accident Victims in West Virginia

Holding property owners responsible in premises liability cases

There are many conditions that can make a piece of property dangerous. Loose railings, slippery floors and icy parking lots are just a few of the many dangers that a visitor may face. The established attorneys at the Prim Law Firm, PLLC take a straightforward approach to getting justice for West Virginia injury victims.

Do property owners have a duty to keep their land safe?

Every state has different rules about how careful a landowner must be to prevent injury. The owner of a piece of property in the state of West Virginia owes a duty of reasonable care to anyone other than trespassers entering onto the property. Failure to meet this duty is considered negligence. This means that a store or property owner can be held liable if they knew of a danger and didn’t make a serious effort to fix the problem or sufficiently warn visitors. In some cases, the person occupying or managing the property can be held responsible even if they didn’t actually know, but should have known of the danger.

Trespassers are not owed the same standard of care. While a landowner does not need to warn them of dangers, he or she cannot willfully hurt people just for trespassing or wantonly injure trespassers through the use of traps.

Representing victims of all types of premises liability injuries

Slip and fall accidents are part of a much larger area of law created by a landowner’s duty of reasonable care to prevent injury. This area of law is called premises liability. In addition to slippery or uneven surfaces, other causes of premises liability injuries include:

  • Unsafe structures
  • Falling objects
  • Chemical spills or exposure
  • Poor lighting
  • Inadequate security
  • Dangerous construction activities such as blasting

Regardless of the type of negligence that caused your injury, our attorneys are willing to take on any insurer, homeowner, or store to get you justice.

Contact slip and fall lawyers who work hard for their clients

To learn more about your rights after an injury, contact the Prim Firm, PLLC as soon as possible. Call us now at 304-201-2425 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. We serve residents of West Virginia including Mason, Cabell, Putnam and Kanawha counties.

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